Water Project: Ciudad de Dios, Peru


EWB-UNC fulfilled a 5-year commitment to Ciudad de Dios. The aims of the Peru water project were to provide long-term, clean, and reliable water to Ciudad de Dios, Peru via an improved water capture, supply and distribution system. Dr. Brian Billman of UNC, and an organization he co-founded called M.O.C.H.E, have a partnership with the Ciudad de Dios community whereby the community guards archeological dig sites in exchange for development money for the town. Water service to the town was previously sporadic and unreliable thus, EWB was asked to analyze the current water distribution system and make suggestions and plans for improvements to the system.

Okun EWB students, in collaboration with Duke University students and many local laborers, installed a spring box and 3 km of new water transmission line in the summer of 2008. In 2011, EWB-UNC worked towards implementing a small scale sanitation system in conjunction with Moche, INC. The group also taught composting to help reduce the amount of waste that is burned in the community. Additionally community engagement and capacity building with the water system continued to help ensure its sustainability.



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