Water Project: El Inga, Ecuador

El Inga, Ecuador: Irrigation and Potable Water Project

Primary Contact: Kari Grace (kbgrace@live.unc.com) and John Gilles (jgilles@live.unc.edu)

The Ecuador project began in 2010, with a request from the community of El Inga, Ecuador to help with their potable water system.  Our group conducted an assessment and made the preliminary designs for an improved potable water distribution system, which was constructed in 2011.  We also facilitated a partnership with the Rotary Club in Quito, who worked with the community to install filtration and disinfection components to the distribution system. The system now serves the entire community, save 5 households, with piped drinking water straight into their homes. In 2013, El Inga requested assistance with their irrigation system, which brings water several miles from a mountain stream into the community.  The irrigation channel was in a state of disrepair, with significant water loss throughout the system, and the community desired more efficiency and a larger quantity of water diverted into the system.  Our group conducted an assessment of the irrigation channel and made a detailed map of the system so that the community can apply for additional water allocation permits from the Municipality of Quito.


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