About Us

 PRESIDENT: Conor Reid

conor reid

Conor is an undergraduate student who is studying Biomedical Engineering and Chemistry.  He is interested in neurology and improving EEG technology in order to allow for earlier detection of risk factors associated with stroke.  In his free time he enjoys listening to music, boxing and re-watching episodes of The Office on Netflix.

Email: cdreid@live.unc.edu

VICE PRESIDENT: Anna Stamatogiannakis 


Anna is an undergraduate student in her junior year majoring in Environmental Health Science and minoring in Urban Studies and Planning. She is interested in sustainable design as well as air and water quality. During the spring and summer of 2015, she was in Thailand studying tropospheric ozone formation in Bangkok. In her free time, Anna likes to obsess over One Direction, eat food, and explore new places.

Email: annastam@live.unc.edu

PUBLICITY CHAIR: Juliana Ruggiero 


Julianna is an undergraduate studying Biomedical Engineering and Spanish.  She is interested in nanotechnology, prothetics development, and rehabilitation research.  In her free time she enjoys shopping, reading outside, cooking, and marathoning just about any crime show.

Email: jruggier@live.unc.edu



Sachin is an undergraduate student who is studying Environmental Health Sciences at the Gillings School of Public Health. He is interested in air pollution and its role in inflammation in the body. He works in Dr. Uma Nagarajan’s immunology lab where he studies inflammatory responses to DNA. In his free time, Sachin loves to play and watch sports especially basketball and football.
 Email: skmishra@live.unc.edu

Emily is a 3rd year undergraduate student studying biomedical engineering. She hopes to pursue research in biomedical microdevices. In her free time, Emily enjoys hiking, eating good mac ‘n cheese, and watching Parks and Rec.

Email: eghodes@live.unc.edu

TREASURER : Ryan Costanzo 

Ryan Costanza

Ryan Costanzo is an undergraduate student from Southern California studying Biomedical Engineering.  He’s interested in green engineering, prosthetic design, and drug delivery systems.  In his free time, Ryan likes playing beach volleyball, hiking, and cooking meals for his friends.

Email: rjames22@live.unc.edu


cropped Kolsky Peter 15 Feb 2011

Pete Kolsky has worked in international water and sanitation for about 40 years, since starting as a rural water supply technician in Madagascar in 1973, during a year out from undergraduate studies.  He has worked for consulting engineering firms, governments, international aid agencies and non-governmental organizations, as well as universities.  He is currently the Director for Teaching and Learning at the Water Institute, and a Professor of the Practice of Environmental Engineering in UNC’s Department of Environmental Sciences and Engineering.

Email: pkolsky@email.unc.edu


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